Mid-1988, the production team of the now highly acclaimed musical “Miss Saigon” came to Manila in search of their lead actress. Having heard that half, if not all the entertainers in Asia are Filipinos, the group, and particular the show’s composer Claude-Michel Schönberg, predicted that in Manila they would find most of the cast.

After its successful opening in London, “Miss Saigon” went on to open in other major cities around the world. Every year since then, Claude-Michel Schönberg has become a familiar face in Manila, developing friendships and most specially developing a deep sympathy for the Filipino child.

It was on one of these many trips that he started visiting orphanages and hospices and thereupon developed a strong sense of mission for those abandoned.

Soon after, he gathered some of his closest Filipino friends and formed SUN AND MOON FOUNDATION, INC.

The foundation then established SUN AND MOON, HOME FOR CHILDREN to care for severely malnourished children who have been orphaned, abandoned, neglected or surrendered.